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Important Information received from NGC, Inc.:

It has been brought to our attention that some “Big Stores” have been selling Milkweed plants that have been treated with systemic Neonicotinoids. This will kill caterpillars! Please, be aware and be on the lookout for these tags placed in plants. 

Update: Response from Home Depot:

Please see the following response from Ron Jarvis, the Chief Environmental Officer of Home Depot regarding Neonic’s:
You are correct that the Nature’s Nutrients line of plants are all 100% free of Neonic’s. That’s why I was concerned when we found labels in the pots. Of all the scenario’s that could have played out a human error in mislabeling is the best option.

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The FGCM Judges Council meets four times a year to refresh skills they select at the beginning of the judging year in April.  Judges council meetings are open to all certified and emeritus judges.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Flower Show Judge, contact Elayne Gilhousen, President, at 612-869-1156 or gilem3@msn.com.  

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