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Renaissance Festival



By Kathy Compo

I’ll make this short and sweet: MAKE GARLANDS! VOLUNTEER AT THE BOOTH!

There—that’s all we need! OK, just a little more info. Last year, our wonderful garland makers made over 2,500 garlands, which is why we had all-time high sales of $25,362. We need even more garlands this year to beat that record—I’m aiming for 3,000! So, please help out if you can. We especially need floral garlands—those are the ones that really make the difference. Remember, you get $2 per garland, and your club can make them or you can make them on your own for some extra cash.

The new shorter shift for volunteers at the booth worked very well. Booth workers left by 4:00pm (rather than staying until the end of the Festival at 7pm) and were able to avoid the worst of the traffic jams exiting the grounds. Please consider volunteering for a day—we need you! Those who are worried about their stamina can sit at the counter and be our cashier and there are chairs in the back room for relaxing and taking a break. And don’t forget that you can get out of the booth to shop or see shows, too! You can sign up with your club, your friends or your family. Please contact Kathy.

For garland-makers, there are some floral supplies at the home of Darcy Smith in Richfield. Ann Albrecht has ribbon supplies (and some floral) with her.
Here are contact numbers for you:

 Kathy Compo (763-535-1817)—for volunteering at the booth, general questions
 Ann Albrecht (651-699-8832)—ribbons and cord for fairy garlands; some floral materials
 Darcy Smith (612-803-3176)—for dried flowers, wires, floral tape, etc.

If you have any questions about garlands, please call Ann Albrecht at 651-699-8832 or email her at ann@zuhause.org. Call me, Kathy Compo, at 763-535-1817 or email me at kathycompo@yahoo.com for volunteering or all other information.


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