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Renaissance Festival



By Kathy Compo

This was quite the year! Ann and I were both temporarily disabled this season: my arthritis decided to flare up this summer, making it very difficult for me to walk, and Ann came back from her trip to Finland on crutches with a knee injury! This year was the most physically demanding for Ann and I ever and we owe a special thanks to all the volunteers who covered for us.

Ann and I were thrilled to accept the 45th Year Service Award for the Garlands and Gardens booth (although FGCM actually started with the RenFest two years earlier, when it was located in Jonathan).  Also receiving their 45th Year Service Awards were former president Phyllis Andrews and her daughter Kathryn Malody. They have participated in working the booth every year since our beginning!                                

We had another very rainy year. Last year we only had three days of rain; this year it was seven and once again the grounds were a giant mud pit!  That really cut into attendance which, in turn, affected our sales. We still managed to surpass the $20,000 mark (a normal sales goal), ending the year with sales totaling $22,854! Our top Saturday sales were $2,120 by a four person team composed of Johnny Jump Ups members: Susan Eiden, new volunteer Katie Nelson, Ann Albrecht and Kathy Compo. Our top Sunday sales were only $5 less than Saturday’s sales—Richfield was represented by Bev and Niles Munson, Julie and Paul Lawyer, Susan Eiden and Ann Albrecht—they sold $2,115!

Ann and I are now focused on GARLANDS! We were very short on garlands this last year, so we are starting our push early. Please consider making garlands, either as a club or individually. Ann and I are available to help at garland making workshops—just give us a call.

If you haven’t done so already, please check out the Booth’s Facebook page and please “like” our page to help increase our reach. You can find us at https://www.facebook. com/GarlandBooth/ or search for Garlands and Gardens, Booth 103.

Here are contact numbers for you:

  • Kathy Compo (612-308-8211)—for volunteering at the booth, general questions
  • Ann Albrecht (651-699-8832)—ribbons and cord for fairy garlands; some floral materials
  • Darcy Smith (612-803-3176)—for dried flowers, wires, floral tape, etc.


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