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Renaissance Festival



By Kathy Compo

This year was so weird! Typical for Minnesota, we were ruled—not by our king—but by our weather. There was exactly one weekend with beautiful weather; the rest of the weekends were either 95° with 95% humidity or 40° with frost! And to no one’s surprise, attendance was down due to everyone waiting for that perfect weekend. When it did arrive September 8th and 9th, we had our first $2,000+ day. The highest attendance was the last weekend when we were bundled up in woolen capes and gloves. One thing is certain: Minnesotans like it cold better than hot! Unfortunately, it was too little, too late to attain my goal of beating last year’s sales (we fell about $1,000 short). We did, however, beat the budgeted goal of $20,000, finishing with $22,112 (and that will increase to $22,362 when Ann’s husband Bruce obtains another $250 donation from Blue Cross).

Adding to the problems with inclement weather, Ann’s husband, Bruce, contracted viral bronchitis while on their vacation, which he gave to Ann and she gave to me (and I gave to my husband). Ann missed two days due to illness and I missed three days! We were still sick through the end of the Festival; it took us four weeks to kick the illness. We were both very grateful that we had some wonderful workers who became the lead salespeople while Ann and I sat like sick bumps on a log sucking on our inhalers!

We did have some wonderful things happen this year, too:

*Ann Albrecht,  Bruce Albrecht, Kathy Merchant and I (Kathy Compo), all of Johnny Jump Ups, received our 25 year Service Awards for working the booth for a quarter of a century and we received pewter mugs as our gift.

*Teri McNamara (Diggers) earned her 20 year Service Award and received a pewter medallion.

*We had the highest Sunday sales ever of $2,126!

*Special recognition (and much thanks) goes to Elayne

Gilhausen for

making 490 garlands!

Floral garlands are selling stronger than ever! We started this season with 1,006 ribbon garlands and ended with 214 left over. We began with 962 floral garlands and sold all but NINE! Sooo, if you are able to make floral garlands, we can really use them for next year!

Here are contact numbers for you:

  • Kathy Compo (call or text 612-308-8211 or email kathycompo@yahoo.com)—for volunteering at the booth, scheduling a workshop or general questions.

  • Ann Albrecht (651-699-8832 or ann@zuhause.org)—for fairy (ribbon) garlands: ribbons, cords for fairy garlands; some floral materials; turn in completed garlands to Ann.

  • Darcy Smith (612-803-3176)—for floral supplies: dried flowers, wires, floral tape, etc. (call before you go).


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