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                                       By Roberta Turgeon

At this time the Scholarship Fund has received $3,700 from six garden clubs. The deadline was February 1 but the date was changed to March 1 to give clubs the extra time to decide on their contributions this year.  We need at least $6,000 to cover two awards – $4,000 for our University recipient and $2,000 for our college recipient.

The deadline for applications was also extended to March 1, as we were not receiving the usual volume of applications for our 2018 awards. This is a strange situation. Hopefully, the extension of time will encourage more students’ interest.

We have always been most generous with our scholarships. Students are extremely gratefully to our Fund for the help we give them to continue or finish their education.  We can be proud of our work to aide these scholars.

Respectfully submitted,
Roberta Turgeon

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